5 relationship Goals for Every Couple

A relationship requires constant work and commitment, the saying that Rome was not built in a day pertains also to relationships . Every day in a relationship doesn’t feel the same as there are good and bumpy days.

There are days which you are prompted to let go of the relationship and there are days you feel that your partner is God sent. So What can you do during those not so good moments when it doesn’t feel good?

What you do during the downtime of a relationship is what matters and it is the test that strengthen the bond between partners. When you are in a relationship, do you take it for granted and do nothing to improve it?

Hell no, you have to put in the work to constanly improve your relationship. Just as when a car is not serviced and maintained the car breaks down. A relatioship is more intricate than a vehicle and thus reqiures much work.

In this article we are going to share the relationship goals that will help couples cement their relationship and make the bond between them stronger.

Make Each Other a Priority.

Your partner should be your priority, their well being should be your well being. Make them know they are top of the table in your plans. When you put your partner first you always think of more ways to love them.

Through these, you create unforgettable memories together. This memories come when the both parties make the relationship their priority. When you plan to be partners for life you begin to become accountable to each other and work together to achieve great things.

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Have Fun Together

Fun it the the sweetest part of the memories you create. The times you guys laughed and rolled on the floor, the jokes and funny gestures. Serious conversations, intellectual discourse, emotional connections, and great sex is great not fun should not be missing.

Sometimes you will just need someone you can play with. You’re not always going to be in the mood to be romantic or sexual or emotional. Sometimes you’re just going to want someone to be with you to have some fun.

We all have that child like innate side that adulthood has kept in abeyance. We need people that can bring out that crazy part of us. So make sure that you know how to have fun with your partner—being silly, playing games, telling jokes, and simply enjoying each other’s presence is the way to strengthen the connection.

Build Trust

Any relationship that is having trust issues will not stand the test of time. Ask yourself: are you holding your partner back, or is your partner holding you back? If the answer is yes to either question, then you seriously need to reevaluate the way you treat each other.

Knowing that even when you are away for a long time that your partner will not mess up is a great place to be in any relationship. You need to develop the mutual trust that strengthens a relationship. Although some people have trust issues for no reason

If you make it to a point where you trust your partner complete, be sure to not take that trust for granted. These people want their partners to achieve as much as they can, climb as high as they can. So don’t hold each other back; push each other to continue.


This is the bedrock of all relationship goals. Without understanding and compromise a relationship cannot survive. It takes more than words to communicate, it takes understanding to know the stenght and weakness of your partner.

Once you understand each other you can know how best to handle every situation. You arleady know that your partner has temper, jealousy or trust issues. You shoul learn the best way to handle them in these circumstances.

No relationship is perfect and nobody is perfect, compromising in some situations can help save a relationship from collapse but this does not mean you should compromise on fundamental issues. A relationship will have to grow and face many test’s.

You should know that since you spend more time with them more than anyone else, you will get to see all their weak points and bad behaviors. This works both ways as you also have your good and bad side. You guys got to learn to and grow in strength and weakness.

Complement each other, where your weak your partners should be strong. Do not take advantage of their weakness. Always be there for each other in times of trials. You must both develop maturity and be emotionally intelligence.

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Your partner will offend you many times but you must learn to forgive and let things go. Forgivness is a virtues that is tough to learn but for your relationship to live you must forgive. You yourself is not perfect so you must forgive one another.

When you wrong your partner you must also learn to ask for forgiveness and put in work not to offend them again. Always put yourself in your partners shoes and k now that they feel terrible whenever you hurt them.

At times, it feels more painful than words can express. In ask much as we preach forgiveness strive not to hurt your partner. Forgiveness is a hard virtue but you have to learn to forgive the one that put you through pain because you love them.

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