Abusive Relationship: Should I Stay or Leave?

Abusive Relationship: Should I Stay or Leave?

Are you in a toxic relationship but find it difficult to let. It is normal for you to find it difficult to let go because of attachment and affection. You have hard lovely memories and no one had made you feel loved more than them.

Your mind begins to tell you that no one is perfect and you should manage the situation but my question is for how long will you manage a toxic relationship. You have to decide your fate and stance in such a relationship. Lets determine the following factors.


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Are you Truly Loved?

So many people jump into relationship because of many reasons which we can not cover in this article. But it is better for anyone in an abusive relationship to pause and think if he or she is truly loved by the other party. If you can not comfortably answer this question then the answer is in the negative.

Do not waste precious time for people that do not love you, one day the center will not hold and the whole relationship will crumble. Do not settle for less. If they truly loved you in the first place they will not abuse you as they are doing now.

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Do You Feel Unsafe?

Your safety should be a top priority. If you feel physically threatened, have experienced abuse of any kind, or are worried that someone will become abusive, hit you take action as soon as you can before it is two late. 

Remember: abuse tends to happen in a cycle. If you have ever been abused in family relationships, or are in a dating relationship where your partner has tried to control you, the problem is likely to repeat itself.

There are many professional help you can reach out to help you deal with the situation. Having the courage to reach out to someone trained to help you will allow you to break free of this dangerous cycle much sooner.

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Do You Feel Small?

There are few things more upsetting than when someone makes you feel small. I’ve seen how some people demean others to make themselves feel better, or to appear more popular and powerful. If you’re being treated this way, there is no reason to continue in a friendship or relationship where bullying is the norm.

Emotional Torture?

Not all abuse is physical, does your partner emotionally to torture you. They do not care about your feelings. They only care about their own well being. Are you emotionally drained. Use abusive words that demeans you constantly and never apologizes for using them.

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Are They Willing to Give it a Try?

All abusive relationships with an unhealthy pattern must not have to end. In some cases, you may feel uncomfortable or frustrated, but still feel safe enough with that person to talk about it. Working through relationships can be rewarding if both people involved are willing to make an effort to listen, learn, and respect one another.

If you’ve never brought up what bothers you about a relationship, try communicating your feelings and needs to your friend, partner, or family member. It may be that they were unaware their behavior was upsetting you. Clear communication often opens the door for stronger relationships. 

What to Do

No relationship is perfect we have to learn to tolerate one are another but you should know when your partner has crossed the line to jeopardize your safety and well being. You should know when to leave a relationship before it is too late. You should prioritize your physical and mental well being.

You might need some time alone to reflect on your relationship, it is urged you should find time alone for sometime and spend it loving yourself at same time reflecting on such abusive relationship and what you stand to benefit.

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If you feel conflicted about whether leaving a relationship is the right decision, seeking answers in your faith may help. Whatever decisions you make, remember God cares about you and His plans for you are the best.

If you’ve tried to talk things through and feel like you’re hitting a wall, I know how frustrating that can be. The good news is, you don’t have to go through this alone. You can reach out for professional help within your locality.


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