Corper appreciates dad who sells timber to fund her education

That joy you get when you have a father who does all he can just to see you successful in life even if it means going through hell.

It feels like you have the best Father on earth especially seeing your father suffer just to make you happy. In this case, all you will always dream of is how to pay him back in million folds.

Such is the case of Winnie Jane who took to facebook to thank her dad who went through hard labour to sponsor her education.

She wrote in her post that the wood business that her father does has been their source of survival since they were kids.

The young female corper made a promise to work hard and take care of her daddy who took care of her.

According to her, the machine her dad uses to saw woods when she tried to handle it, it sent vibration all over her body. She said it was after then she realised what the father has been through all these while.

She wrote:

Chai daddy I owe you a lot. This was what you went through all these years just to make sure that I am educated? Oh my God, I thought it was easy not until I handled the machine and my whole being started vibrating immediately.”

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