Crossdresser, Michelle Page calls out actor, Mofe Duncan over alleged car debt; He reacts

*Crossdresser, Michelle Page calls out actor, Mofe Duncan over alleged car debt; He reacts*

Nigerian crossdresser, Michelle Page has called out Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan for allegedly buying a car on credit.

Michelle Page calls
Barely a week ago, the actor bought a brand new car as birthday gift and received congratulatory messages from fans and well-wishers.

However, Michelle took to his Instagram page to call him out over an unpaid car debt.

He slammed the actor and ordered him to reach out to him before he “exposes him”.

Michelle wrote:
“Hmmm… Mofe Duncan or whatever you call yourself, reach out to me and do the needful before I expose you. I have been patient enough. Buying car and owing *tueh* *tueh* @mofeduncan.”

In reaction to the allegation, Mofe Duncan said he is in shock because he doesn’t follow Michelle on Instagram, neither have they had any form of communication in the past.

He stated that he doesn’t know anything about the debt and Michelle should confront him directly if he wants to have a man-to-man conversation.

Taking to his Instagram page, Mofe wrote,

“So I have blocked instablog since 2018, yet people still find ways to screen grab posts about me and send. Many before now I have ignored, but today I have a bit of time.

Instablog have failed to verify facts before posting just to drive traffic, but that’s okay… it is what is it.

So I just got off a flight from Lagos to Abuja and I started receiving calls, messages and DMs and trolls calling me debtor and I’m completely confused as to what this is about.
• Slide 2 shows the DM between @michellepage.2 and myself… NOTHING. I have not been contacted prior to now, I do not know what I am owing you for or how much.

I am not governed by the fear of being on blogs, been there done that have the tee shirt for it, it doesn’t stop me or slow me down.

• Just kindly let me know what I am owing you for, how much I am owing you and the date of whatever it is the transaction is because this blog calling doesn’t solve anything.

And if your claim is valid, the matter would be resolved and you go about your business. • You haven’t contacted me yet I’m seeing via blog screengrabs that am owing you? HOW? We don’t even follow each other, yet I am owing you? WHEN? I have never seen your page before now (unless you changed your handle), yet am owing you? WHO? ☆

People always say just ignore the blogs, yes good idea… but they fail to realize how hard one works to do good things to make others happy and someone out of nowhere would come and pour sand in your garri.

IT’S UNJUST. @michellepage.2 if you want to talk to me talk to me directly, stop going through the corners. Your move.”

See his post below,👇🏽

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