Date Wendy, shoot your shots now – Wendy calls on single men who may want to date her


Have you ever dreamt of dating a TV host and the controversial Wendy Williams to be precise? Well, this might be your lucky day.

The TV presenter is looking for new love and wants every single man out there to try and win her over.

This comes after Wendy shared an alert on her social media pages calling for all single men to try to shoot their shot at the TV host.

The alert reads:
_”Calling all single men! Now’s your chance to take your shot! If you want to date Wendy, send our producers an email now.”_

In an Instagram video from a TV episode, Wendy showed her audience one of the men, Julian, 40, who sent a video asking her to be his girlfriend in the most beautiful way.

The small audience, adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, appeared to love him and for anyone hoping to beat Julian, hope you get your charisma and location right.

There were some hilarious reactions to her post with many giving their own views regarding her offer and also her recent divorce.

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