Don’t ever call me a liar again, maybe your wife lies: Woman blasts appostle Suleiman

Deborah Okezie, A woman whose 11 year old kid was allegedly abused in deeper life school, has expressed her anger over appostle suleiman’s careless use of words towards her.

The woman did this after appostle Suleiman called her a liar that Reno Omokri never called her.

In response, Deborah seeiously warned Suleiman to pick rightly and carefully his choice of words when next he talks about her.

Meanwhile, sometime ago, it was all over the internet that 11 year old Don Davis, the son of Deborah Okezie was allegedly abused in deeper life school. This woman claims that Reno Omokri called her during her ordeal threatening her life for accusing deeper life church.

Now, recall that Reno Omokri had earlier stated that he will give the woman money if she could prove that he called her during her ordeal. And in response, Deborah told him to go with his money, maintaining that she is okay with the little she has.

Consequently, Appostle suleiman said that the Reno Omokri he knows would not not make such type of call to her.

The appostle went on to say that he is not moved by Deborah’s action as many people tend to shine by blackmailing others.

He added that, although he knows how bad the emotional pain she was into as a result of the abuse of her son, but blowing everything out of hand with lies is evil.

In her facebook page, the woman single handedly called out the clergy man and warned him strictly never to call her a liar again.

The woman said, the clergy must be careful whatever he says to her if not she will reciprocate accordingly.

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