Health Benefits of Adequate sexual Intercourse

Sexual intercourse is a sexual activity which have to do with the insertion and thrusting of the Penis into the Vagina sexual pleasure and reproduction. When it comes to sex, most persons already feel there are benefits that adequate intimacy offers.

However, you may be shocked at the range of benefits of healthy sex, from reducing stress, to reduce risks of cancer or cardiovascular (Heart) complications.

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According to recent studies, regular sex can provide many boosts to your wellbeing. This is  so because sex is just like any other physical activity and the benefits it provides can eventually increase your life span. below are the break down of the top benefits of adequate sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse

Benefits of sex

Helps to improve the Immune System

According to Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD a sexual health expert, “Sexually active people take fewer sick days” People who have enough sexual intercourse for like 2-3 times a week has a higher level of the immune which defends the body against germs, viruses and bacteria. By getting enough of the sex to keep the body immune humming, do not to forget to get enough nutritious meal, get enough sleep and use condoms if you don’t trust your partner.

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Increases the activities of the Heart and avoiding Heart attack

Good sexual exercising for at least five times a week helps to keep the heart healthy. This includes also working out! Just like an intense workout, being sexually aroused increases heart rate, with the number of beats per minute peaking during orgasm.

Men in particular, have been shown to get benefits from sex. A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology suggested that men in their 50’s who have sex at least twice per week have a reduced  high risk of heart disease compared with men who have sex less frequently.

A good Pain Relieve

Neurologists have found that sexual activity can relieve head pain associated with a migraine.  Good Sexual activity can trigger the release of endorphins from the brain which is the body’s natural painkillers.

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In other research published in Pain, women were found to experience reduced pain sensitivity and had an increased pain tolerance threshold when experiencing pleasure through vaginal self-stimulation. Vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain, and many women have told has it that genital self-stimulation can reduce menstrual cramps

Improves urinary Bladder Control in Women

A strong pelvic floor is important for avoiding incontinence, something that do affect about 30% of women at some point in their reproductive lives.

Good sexual intercourse is like a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. When you have an orgasm, it causes contractions in those muscles, which strengthens them.

It Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

It is said that men who  gets adequate sexual activity frequently ejaculate could be protected against prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer among men in the United States. Research led by Micheal Leitzmann from the National Cancer Institute discovered that men who ejaculated 21 times per month or more were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who ejaculated between four and seven times per month.

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It Prevents Insomnia  

After having a good sexual activity one nod off more quickly for good reason. This is so because of the hormone which is responsible for is released

It Banishes Depression

The same way other exercise increases the heart rate, sexual activity causes the brain to release feel-good chemicals that boost your levels of neurotransmitter known serotonin, the happy hormone – to lift your mood.

Serotonin is an antidepressant chemical and one of the major reasons people smile and feel happy and good and relaxed after sexual intercourse.

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It Increases Social Benefits

Good sexual intercourse help to connect partners, through the hormone known as oxytocin. Oxytocin can play a role in developing relationships. You may find that consistent, mutual sexual pleasure helps with bonding within a relationship.

Coupled partners often have increased relationship satisfaction when they fulfill one another’s sexual desires.

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