Here is how much Destiny Etiko recieves for leading role in a movie


You may be wondering how much Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko get paid when she has a leading role in a movie. Alright keep reading this post.

It could be recalled that Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko purchased a brand new expensive SUV and after sharing photos of it, it has garnered some talks and speculations.

The whole brouhaha happens to the fact that people are spreading rumors that the actress got the car from a rich man who bankrolls here. Really?

The question now is how much does she earn? if she claims to have bought the car for herself.

She has come out to deny these claims, however, Nigerian blogger, Cutie Julls is still making effort to establish the fact that the actress didn’t buy the car herself.

According to the blogger, the. actress takes N500,000 per movie when she is a lead character meaning she sometimes takes less if she isn’t the lead.

The blog is then suggesting that Destiny didn’t buy the car herself considering the amount she takes per movie.

We will be on stand-by to bring all the necessary update on this matter very soon.’ stay tuned.

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