How to Attract a Guy You Have a Crush on (Detailed)

Having a crush on a guy is completely normal, and that is purely natural. However, half of the time you spend thinking and fantasizing about him, you spend an ample amount of time also thinking of how to approach him, hopefully make your fantasies come true. This can be possible only by following these simple, basic steps.

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Act In Friendly Manner

The best way to get close to someone who appears to be distant to you is to go as a friend. Being friendly to your crush increases your chances of both of you actually hooking up together.

Talk to him, start with simple topics, talk about issues that appear common to both of you, for instance, about that classwork your class teacher gave you all if it happens that your crush and you are in the same class.

Try To Spend time with him

Upon being friends with him, utilize your free time in spending quality time with your crush. At first, it might look like a drag, trying to do things with someone that may not be so receptive to your feelings. However, as time pass on you guys would end up being pretty close, and your fantasies may not be far away from being realized.

Laugh To His Jokes

Laughing to his jokes signifies a certain level of interest in him from you. It shows you are a listener, that you have a certain amount of interest in him. Take his jokes, laugh at it, and add yours too, try to build a certain level of connection with him when you guys are together.

Be Jovial and Playful

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Being uptight and less fun will not get you the attention and affection you desire from your crush. Be playful when you are around him, break the ice if he appears to be uptight too, but that doe not mean you get unnecessarily not serious during times when you need to be serious; work with a proportion.

Keep your personal affairs out of your discussion

It is necessary that you try not to mention yourself when you both are together unless he pops up a question or topic about you. The reason is since you are vying for his attention, it is important that you keep your personal affairs out of the way for the main time.

Work On Your Appearance

 Having a crush on him and making the effort is one thing, but making both you and your character indelible in the mind of your crush is another thing.

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It is advised that you tune up your appearance when you are with him, keep your hair clean, wear a nice cologne, dress well, exhibit good characters, show good behavior. Endeavor to make personal efforts towards working on your appearance, since people (your crush inclusive) do not forget easily what they see, and what they smell.

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