How To Deal With The Feelings You have for Your Ex..

It is very dangerous to love somebody who still have feeling for his or her ex, it’s good as loving a shadow/loving nobody.
Imagine this scenario: You and your ex broke up about a year ago. You’ve dated a couple of people since then, but you can’t help comparing them to your ex  and they always come up short.





In fact, you still think about your ex all the time. Your ex is dating someone new, and you feel sad about it every day. How can you stop thinking about it  and stop comparing them to everyone you meet?

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To put it bluntly; You’re not ready to get into a relationship with someone else until you rid your ex from your life.

Below are tips will help you get rid of the old memories……

Don’t Take all the Blame

Despite what led to the brake up, don’t blame yourself. Instead, blame the relationship or situation not yourself or your ex.

It’s helpful to use language such as, “We weren’t made to be…” or “We had very different goals and dreams for the future.” By changing your perspective on why the relationship ended, your emotions about the past relationship will change too.

Talk to your loved ones about it

When you carry old wounds, you behave in the present as if that relationship or situation is still going on. You might also date a new partner who is similar to your ex and has the same qualities that didn’t work for you.

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Ask an empathetic friend if they would be willing to hear your entire story, starting from when things went wrong through your present-day feelings and situation. Telling your story not only helps you feel better, but also gives you a way to get perspective, which speeds up the healing process.

You may not remember all the problems in your previous relationship or your ex’s faults, but your friend surely does. You might be surprised at how you feel after you’ve talked things through with them.

Find a good way of releasing your emotions

Too much of emotions about your ex will  only keep you busy and at the end weighing you down as you travel down the path of seeking a new partner.

The best, positive ways to release these emotions include getting some exercise, spending time with friends and family, or being creative and expressing yourself through art, writing and reading, or music and as well travelling to cirenes environments.

Forget all he past hurts and move on

You can’t completely forget all that happened or completely wipe out all memories of your ex. But you can limit the things in your immediate environment that remind you of them, as well as settings or people who upset your peace of mind.

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Create new memories in places where you and your ex used to go together, like that go to restaurant or the park where you used to run. Visit those places with friends, family, or solo with a good book or podcast.

For now, it may be a good idea to rid your house, car, and office of anything you associate with your ex: photos, mementos, and items that re-stimulate old wounds and continue to remind you of your ex. You can even hold a yard sale, sell items on Craigslist, or donate the goods to charity and the needy.


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