Key Things You will Learn in Marriage

Marriage is the union between two persons called spouse, that initiates rights and obligations between them. It is a partnership contract that both parties enter into. One person cannot run it along without the support of the other. It is the total commitment of both parties that make a marriage joyful and peaceful.

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Learn Timing 

Never show anger at the same time with your spouse. You can be angry but always address it whenever your partner is calm.

Settle your argument

Don’t go to sleep at night holding grudges. Don’t push away issues either. Communicate and settle your arguments.

Compliment your Partner

Every single day, find at least one kind compliment to say to your partner. You may appreciate them in your heart, but appreciate them verbally too.

Nigerian Christian Pilgrim commission denies appointing Tonto Dike as ambassador

Admit when you are wrong

If you do something wrong, you don’t have to wait for them to bring it up or express it. Admit and apologise. It doesn’t make you a loser.

Forgive and forget

Mistakes will be made in your relationship. Don’t continuously bring up these mistakes with the intent to cause harm. Let them die!

Non-verbal cues are important

Sometimes, all it takes is a kiss, an “I love you”, a compliment or a smile to make everything alright.

“Communication can be non-verbal”.

Break the ice.

There is no ready-made marriage

Marriage is hard work. You have to be committed to make it work and work at it daily. Every shining marriage has gone through its own fires and challenges. How you and your partner handle it determines success.









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