My worst heartbreak – Actress Jesse recounts

Nigerian actress, Nazareth Jesse has opened up about the tough things she faced in her relationships and the lessons learned.

According to her, she got the shock of her life through her former boyfriend when she got the news that he was married without her knowledge.

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She noted that she saw that he was a married man through a message in his phone and she has since pulled herself from her heart break by relying on the word of the Lord.

She had an interaction with The Sun in a recent interview where she made the revelations known and advised other young ladies to look before they leap.

She said:
“I have suffered several heartbreaks. The worse was when I discovered the person I love is already married. I got to know when I saw the text message on his phone, and it all ended just like that because of a lie. But I have not given up on love. It is new every day, especially when I remember God’s word; they are new every morning.”


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