Shade Ladipo addresses Victoria Inyama For Her Comments About Girl Harassed for indecent dressing In Market

Media guri and Co-anchor on Stv, Shade Ladipo has replied Victoria Inyama for victim-blaming after a comment made by Victoria after a lady was harassed in a market place for how she was dressed.

Recall that a Nigerian law student who was harassed for wearing shorts to the market cried out on social media.

The lady said she was inside a tricycle popularly called “Keke” when three men came to touch her.
She claimed that the guys in the market harassed her and blocked her as they questioned why she wore shorts to the market.

Narrating what happened, the lady said one of the guys threatened to beat her while stating she was very lucky she was inside the “Keke” and not walking.

Lamenting bitterly, the lady said she “she hates men so much she’s going to cry” and that she hates going to the market.

Victoria replied to the video, stating that everyone in the video are all victims of a failed society.

Then, she said
_“Did she think she was going to Selfidges though.”_

Shade Ladipo replied, asking Victoria Inyama to do better, while accusing her of victim-blaming.

But Victoria stood her ground and said the girl contributed to her harassment.

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