Shock as Vee, Bbnaija star, revealed she never attended a university

It came as shock to everyone who is following the reality star on social media to know that she never attended university and that she has no university degree.

Despite her pure and eloquent English with a very good oyibo accent. No wonder people say that going to university does not determine how successful one could become in life.

The Lockdown star, Vee took to her twitter page to ask people why they are shock to know that she is not a university graduate.

Many tweets rushed to her comment section to talk about how her eloquence and accent is better than someone who aquired a university degree.

Worthy of note is that Vee, a londoner, got viewers attention during the reality TV show because of her unpretentious queens accent.

The star said she want to know why people were taken aback on her educational background.

She tweeted thus:

_”Is it still shocking people that I didn’t go to university?”_

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