Stop being threatened by me, James brown shades Bobrisky in a video

James brown, the controversal cross dresser has taken to his instagram page to share a video advising his fellow cross dresser, Bobrisky not to be threatened by him.

Brown rocked Chic make up and fixed a long hair extension on. In other words, there was more to his video on instagram.

From all indication, the crossdresser seem to have teemed up with a make up artist for new look and appeared just as beautiful as a lady.

See video below


Meanwhile, Brown took an indirect swipe at fellow cross dresser, Bobrisky. Also, note the duo have been at loggerheads in the past few weeks. With brown claiming that Bobrisky threatened to kill him.

Brown, who has said in the past that he is not a crossdresser now retracted his words and states that he can choose to be a woman when he wants.

He added that no one should be threatened by him. He said:

_”I can be a full woman if I want to… Being classy, calm, collective, with that bad bitch attitude and sexy but i decide not to because I enjoy being free being funny being hilarious so stop being threatened by me”_

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