The Imo State Bride Price Wahala

A lot has been about the incessant charge of bride in Imo State,the Eastern part of Nigeria. Imo state is one of the South Eastern states of Nigeria, and their bride price is considered highest not just in South East but in Nigeria.

Well,I don’t know how one came up with the permutation but there’ve been a lot of reactions by supposed grooms over the bride price in Imo especially in one of the L.G.As of Imo popularly known as Mbaise.

Just on the 7th of January 2020, a Facebook user with the username MC Emmydon took to his wall to lament on the list of items his friend who he went alongside with brought as a bride price.


High bride price

Bride Price wahala

Well, they say love is blind so I believe one can do anything as bride price provided the psycho mutual familiarity exist.

I, the writer want to marry from Benue State. With four tubers of yam and a pig I’m going home with her

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