Tips on How to Make your Partner Love you More

Love is  defined as a feeling of  strong attraction and emotional attachment. There are some reasons why you fall for a certain person and once you understand the rules of attraction, you’ll be the master of making he/she fall for you.

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Tips on how to make your partner love you more

#Always Smile and Be Happy

The happier you are, the more your partner will be drawn to your positive vibes. Flash a genuine smile often, be enjoyable and outgoing, laugh at his jokes, and be optimistic. Guys generally love girls with a sense of humor who can make them feel real good.

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#Don’t Be too loose/Easy to get

Don’t always be available him any time he call. Don’t change your personal plans just to be with him every moment. Make him understand that you have your own life too, and he need to take you more seriously if he wants you by his side.

#Always Be Kind and Considerate

In every little thing he does for you, always say “Thank You”. Give him time or lend him helping hand. Showing your kind personality will increase his affection for you.

#Ask Him About His Day

Asking your boyfriend how his day went shows how much you care about him, but listening to his response proves how much you love him. This only serves as a simple reminder to him that someone cares about both the big and small aspects of his day.

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#Show your affection.
Sometimes, you have to show your love and adoration for someone through your gestures. You can do this by making a point to really listen to him, doing something kind for him every day, making time no matter how busy you are, verbally affirming that you care for him, supporting him, and by remembering that physical touch can say a lot.

#Bring Out The Best in Him.
Men always want a girl who can encourage them to go for their passion and to hustle more. When you bring out the best in him, he’ll feel amazing and he’ll want to be around you. Focus on his strength, intelligence, wisdom, courage, and believe in him more than he believes in himself. With all these, he will never dream of letting you go or think you are replaceable.

#Try To Know What He likes and Dislikes.

Knowing what your partner likes will boost his love for you. Although there is no point in you pretending that you have become a football fan overnight, you could take an interest in some of the things that he likes to do. If he is a sports fan, you could sit and watch a game with him instead of disappearing off into another room or, at the very least, ask him who won. He will really appreciate it if you take an interest in his hobbies and pastimes.

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#Get to know his Families and Friends

This is not to say that you will adore all of his family, or that you will like all of his friends, but you should do your possible best to get along with them. Being nice to his friends and his family is sign of respect for your partner and he will love you for making such effort, even if you can’t stand some of his buddies.

#Be an Independent Partner

Oh! yeah, this will encourage him to love you more for every thing. Although being independent doesn’t mean you should not be expecting him to be of assistance to you if need be. Some ladies made relationships to look like an employment opportunity and as such making them lazy from going out to look for jobs. Nothing sweets a guy like a lady who have some thing doing to assist herself.

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#Make Yourself Look Beautiful Always

Trying your best to look more good always will give him the attention that you need to make him fall in love with you and not to look for other ladies out there. Most guys act and believes on what they see. So, be aware of what you’re wearing, whether your hair is nice or dry, and if you are dressed appropriately. Just do your best to look as good as you can, no matter where you’re going. Your partner will definitely love you for that.




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