5 Ways to Regain Trust in a Broken Relationship

Aside from love or affection, another very essential pillar in a relationship is Trust. The ability to trust your partner means you have to totally believe in them completely.

However, it is throws one into serious hurt when he or she has been betrayed. Having your trust betrayed is sequel to losing a side of yourself that you have entrusted to your partner, and that really hurts.


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However, all hell has not been let loosed because of this. A broken trust can be fixed, and a lost trust can be completely regained. Nevertheless, this has to involve the two partners. It takes the both of you to be able to build up what was lost, despite the fact that it could have been the acts of one partner that led to it.

Own It

 What we simply mean is for you to acknowledge the fact that you have wronged, and that you desire to be forgiven for your actions. The words you say, how they are presented, and how you act towards your partner who you seek his/her forgiveness from that moment onward really counts. Endeavor to ensure that what you say or do have strong emotional backing.


Earlier on, we stated that it takes both partners to be able to forgive each other and let go of the past. For the relationship to regain trust, both of you would have some real forgiving to do.

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The offended, no matter how difficult this may be, must find a way to forgive the offender. The offender on the other hand, despite how long it takes, must find a way to forgive himself/herself.

Lay Down New Rules.

With this behind you, new rules must be stated to enable you both to live through the hurdles of the ‘previous’ relationship. Consider this a new start, a fresh one. It is imperative that you both lay down principles that will make things work to avoid what caused the break earlier.

Leave The Past Behind

 Ensure that you never bring up the issue around the breach of trust in this new phase. Leave the past where it belongs, which is the past. Do not drag this into any form of conflict you may experience in this new phase of your relationship.

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Talk to Someone.

This is highly recommended. Now, both of you may find it rather uncomfortable to speak to a professional about the issues you have, but it is strongly advised, for a better relationship.

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