5 Ways to Restore Relationship with your Cheating Partner

Being cheated on has its obvious effects on the other partner. Not only does it lead to a betrayal of trust, it also makes the victim experience a certain amount of low esteem, which comes with wearing the badge of the betrayed.

However, you have the option of either forgiving or moving on. Below are some ways you can actually deal with a cheating partner.

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1. Re-establish Trust.

The two pillars of a relationship are love and trust. When one is cheated on, the pillar of trust gets broken, but sometimes the pillar of love keeps standing. Now if you are fortunate enough to still be in love with your partner, this means you have to try to re-establish the trust that has been lost.

This, of course, is not easy owing to the fact that the hurt is still there, however you do need to take the bold step of trying to re-build that broken pillar of trust. To this, you got to figure out how sorry your partner is, whether or not his actions were voluntary, and other key issues you have to consider. Make your decision based on the sincerity of the situation.

2. Forgive On Your Terms.

Once you have resolved to re-establish whatever lost trust that you may have suffered, forgiving is the next bold step to take. This may be difficult based on what you have been made to pass through, which is why it is imperative to this on your own terms.

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Ensure that your partner has completely cut off whatever connection he/she has with the third party; endeavor to be on the know regarding his/her daily movements; ensure that he/she feels really remorseful for their action. Forgiving a cheating partner based on your terms gives you the authority of determining the new ways by which the relationship will go.

3. Be More Open With Each Other.

Cheating occurs in a relationship with a lapse in it. This lapse could be well avoided if you guys would sit down and talk it out. Talk about why you cheated, what you feel attracted you to the third party that your partner may not be doing. Talking to each other gives you a better way to take care of your problems.

4. Appreciate and stand by Each other.

Considering what you both must have been through, it is imperative that you both make out ample time to be with each other, lending each other your strength and your attention. It is something that you both cannot overlook, owing to critical the new beginnings can be. Go out together, take long walks, talk, play games, try anything new; but all these together.

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5. State Consequences.

It is basic rule that for a relationship to function well, there should be consequences for breach of trust. Your relationship is not an exception, despite the fact that you may have chosen to give it a second chance.

Make it known that any other form of cheating will be met with outright breaking up of the relationship. Your partner needs to understand this to ensure that he/she does not consider cheating anymore.

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