Why Men Fall out of Love, Possible causes.

Love is the sweetest feeling on earth while some that has not been in love before might dispute this claims, we still believe that it is the best feeling in the world. Men fall in love and some might fall out of love with you after some time.

There are many reasons why a man can fall out of love, each determined by their own phycology and peculiarity but we still have some common reasons a man can fall out of love with a lady they were previously madly in love with.

The man you thought you will love forever suddenly starts developing cold feet towards you, that feeling could be devastating. Alright you sit him down for you guys to talk he out and he blows the lid that he no longer feels same way he felt.

1. Disrespect

Men want to be respected and valued, it is in their DNA. If the woman often shows the man a contrary impression be rest assured that the love will start dwindling.

Most men have lots of challenges so they often bank on the woman they are in love with to show them how much they are valued. When this is not the case the man gradually starts dwindling.

As a woman you have to let your partner know how much he is appreciated in the relationship. This should be shown through actions and words. Most women become disrespectful to their man once they start going through finacial challenges and no longer meet needs.

This should not be the case with you if you do not want to lose him, when this kind of thing happens to your man it is the time to rally around him and support. This will cement your place in his life.

Some times you see some women say that the man left as soon as he became rich, why wont he leave when you always disrespected him when he was poor?

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2. You Guys are incompatible

You guys hardly agree. During the early stages of relationship your compatibility might not be obvious but as time goes everything starts getting obvious. If a man realizes that you guys are perpetually incompatible then he will start pulling away.

No one will love to spend the rest of their lives with people they argue with all the time,

Maybe he wants a weekend hang out and you don’t. Maybe you want to live in the country while he wants to live in the city. Maybe he wants a particular dish for dinner and you want another..

Whatever the incompatibility – he’s having to face it full on and realizing that things aren’t going to change, and that you’re not going to be able to compromise.

When a person comes up against something like that in a relationship, it’s enough to make them reconsider the entire relationship from the ground up. it’s enough to make him fall out of love.

3. Loss of Intimacy or Lack of Sex

When the romantic atmosphere you used to have vanishes and non of you is making effort to revive it then a man might just start losing interest fast. When you guys no longer engage on intimate affairs then that is a red flag.

Conscoius efort shoild be mate to sustain the intimacy of the relatiosnhip, get to no know why you guys fell in love in the first place and build on that. If the foundation of the relaitionship was not proper then it is time to start correcting it.

Although a slowed down love life in a relationship is completely normal and happens to nearly every one – it’s important to keep in touch with your partner’s needs and feelings to make sure they’re still getting what they need from the relationship.

If a guys needs in the relationship are not met then he might likely exit the relationship. If he feels that the intimacy and sex is lost or has slowed down he might just start looking elsewhere for his needs.

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4. He is Mistaking Attraction for Love

Most of the time this is likely the case, when he starts asking himself if he really loved you in the first place or just attracted to you. When this is the case a man will melt faster than an ice cream in the Sahara dessert.

If a man realizes he was never really in love with you, he just fell through because of the intensity of the initial connection then his driving force will slow down.

Getting attracted and connected with people is normal but love is a different ball game comprising of many experiences and expectations. If the love has not been tested by these then it might just be the case of attraction.

5. He is Getting no Value from the Relationship

Studies on relationships have shown that the number one reason people break up is because they feel more negative emotions around their partner than positive ones.

If you want to keep a man around, you need to be a source of positive feelings for him. You need to make him feel good when you’re around. You need to bring light and happiness into his life not all the time, just more positive than negative.

You need to play a role in making his life easier instead of constantly being his souce of head ache find a way to compliment the relationship.

If your relationship is going down the hill you can check our article on how to restore relationship with a cheating partner. What ever is the problem in your relationship the best approach is dialogue and not assumptions, talk it out with you partner.

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