woman believed to have died from Covid returns home two weeks after cremation


The grieving family of a woman who reportedly died of Covid-19 were in utmost shock after she returned home two weeks after her funeral.

The 60-year-old woman identified as Muktyala Girijamma, was declared dead in May after contracting coronavirus and was immediately cremated.

Members of her family who spoke to news men stated that when they tried to visit her at Vijayawada Government General Hospital, where she was receiving treatment they were told that she had died and had to be cremated.

Due to Covid-19 guidelines, the family could only view the body from a distance and it remained tightly wrapped in plastic till the point of cremation.

Muktyala’s nephew, Nagu said,

“The duty doctor on that day failed to inform my uncle that she was shifted to another ward and told him that she succumbed to Covid.

“Believing it, we went to the mortuary to find her body where we were given the body of another woman. Since we could not verify the body before taking it as it was packed, we took the body home and performed the last rites.”

However, Muktyala returned to her home in Christianpet, Jaggaiahpet Mandal of Krishna district on Wednesday, June 2nd, just before the family members were to perform the Shraddha ceremony – a final send-off for a departed relative.

The 60-year-old who had walked home from the hospital, rebuked her family that none of them came to pick her from the hospital.

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